Who We Are

Karina Ordonez Law Office PLLC is a law office that focuses on providing superior advocacy and representation through direct communication with the client. Our Office prides itself in knowing our clients well to aggressively protect and defend their rights.

  • Our dedicated team possesses years of experience in criminal defense. We have worked in Federal and State courts statewide.
  • In addition, we have close to ten years of experience in Immigration law with real-world​ experience. Our drive and compassion strives to keep families together and protect human rights.
  • Immigration concerns are a major component of the criminal process for all non-citizens. A criminal conviction, even on a low level offense, can lead to your removal from the United States.

  • If you have immigration concerns and are in the criminal justice system, it is imperative that you receive a thorough and comprehensive assessment of your immigration situation prior to deciding how to proceed with your criminal case.
  • Many lawyers operate under a dual-part system… resolve your criminal case and later consult with an immigration attorney. We are different. We begin addressing your immigration issues immediately to obtain the best possible outcome for you and your family.
  • Lastly, our team also has experience in personal injury ensuring you receive the appropriate treatment and are compensated for all of your injuries.

Karina Ordonez, Founding Attorney

Our Attorneys

Karina Ordonez
Karina OrdonezFounding Attorney
Alma Montes de Oca
Alma Montes de OcaAttorney
Evelyn Dueñas
Evelyn DueñasAttorney